• CME on Medico Legal Aspects

  • CME on Medico Legal Aspects

  • CME on Medico Legal Aspects

  • MSR Artcon Nodal Conference, Shirdi

  • CME on Fetal Medicine

  • Ramp Walk Organised by Innerwheel Club Devlali Promoting BreastFeeding

Welcome to Nashik Obstetric and Gynaecological Society Hosting

NOGS was formed by Eleven Gynecologists practicing in Nasik in the year 1974. It is a non profit organization dedicated to Maternal and Child Health. 

The Society is registered with Charity Commissioner and functions under the guidancce of Board of Trustees which is formed as per the Trust deed. 

Managing Committee is elected from amongst the members every year and looks after the day to day functioning and activities. Read More


From President Desk

Step in new year with a desire to become better with ideas, plans, skills, faith, time, money, leadership, health and relationships. Become the person you truly desire to be and accomplish the set goals for coming year.
Your ‘purpose of life’ help you discover yourself. Very few realize how magnificent they are. Most often we are quick to recognize the magnificence of animals a pod of whales, pride of lions, or herd of horses. Yet, we are slow to understand the greatness of humanity. You can discover your own magnificence by acting kindly. By being compassionate. By helping others. By making a difference. As we do these things, we discover our power and greatness.

From the Secretary’s Desk

Dear colleagues and friends,
a very warm welcome to 2019-20. It is indeed a proud privilege to address you all as the General Secretary of NOGS. Let me take this opportunity to thank the preceding team for their efforts and achievements. I realize that we have large shoes to fill, and we will strive our very best to take your achievements further and to live up to the golden standards of this prestigious society.
In keeping with this vision, I would like to introduce you to our motto this year – ‘Just CARE for her’.