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A member shall continue as such till he sends in a written resignation of his membership to the Honorary Secretary. A member may at any time resign his membership of the society by giving a 30 days notice in writing to the Honorary Secretary of his intention to do so and on paying all amounts due to the society. Members who resign under the above clause may rejoin without paying entry fee.


A member who has resigned under the above clause on application being made for the purpose, may be readmitted. No person who has ceased to be a member by reasons of non-payments of his subscription shall be eligible for readmission until he has paid all dues to the Society outstanding at the date at which his membership ceased plus an entry fee of Rs. 500.


If there is a complaint that the conduct of any member is prejudicial to the interest of the Society or calculated to bring the medical profession into disrepute, a committee will be appointed by the Managing Council to investigate the matter. The committee will pRecent their report to the General Body at a meeting called for the purpose. The member may requested to resign from the Society in the event of three-fourths of the members pRecent at the meeting, voting against him. In the event of the said member refusing to resign, his name shall be erased from the register.